110801 HEECHUL say “Because it’s the last album !! [5JIB??]

1 Agu

110801 Kim Heechul left a message on his fan-cafe at 1:39am
Title: It’s been a long time ^-^
Actually, I was not playing cafe, so I’ve forgotten my user ID & password. keke Finally I’ve found it. ^-^ Has been using twitter only. Haha
Seems like is the first message after a long time ^-^
SUJU will be making a Come Back this week. Because it’s the last album, I gave my everything. My empty period.. ^-^
People who are young r having your holidays?
People who are older are doing well in your career?
As I’m sending away my end of 20 years (old), I hv many thoughts in mind. I will also work hard as an grown-up adult ^-^ Though I hv to make my character “die” (change his character) first ㅠㅠ
And also I hv thoughts that I should take good care of my periphery ^-^
I should stop here today ^-^

Credit: Psycho蝉儿
Posted by: hyukjade (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

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